The Studio Gerôt Approach


The stylistic vision of Studio Gerôt is best described as "minimalist eclectic."  It is an artistic aesthetic and approach that harnesses the best elements of Contemporary Design, Eastern Philosophy, and the Charm of good Craftmanship, personalized touches, and unforgettable Vintage finds.  

The result is an inspiring and contemporary interior tailored to the client's unique taste and lifestyle. 

Whenever possible, Studio Gerôt maximises the use of materials which have the least possible environmental impact.  In combination with modern techniques and reimaginings of classic concepts of color and texture (think: decorative stucco),  Studio Gerot creates innnovative spaces that are warm, inspiring, and uncluttered.


STEP ONE:  THE CREATIVE CONSULT (*remote or in=person options available, see below)

Every project begins with an exploration of a prospective client's needs, taste, and budget. Studio Gerot understands that successful design considers not just how one wants to visually transform an interior, but important functional aspects like how a space is currently used or will be in the future.  They say "transformation doesn't happen overnight," and while urgent jobs are possible, like most other things in life, the metamorhosis to your dreamspace is usually a process.  Therefore, prioritizing goals is a crucial part of the Studio Gerot approach so that clients remain satisfied, informed, and positively motivated throughout every step of our journey. It is also important to distinguish which changes are actually technically, physically feasible within a space, and those that are not -- either due to structural or even financial limitations. All of these aspects, including ideal and realistic timelines, are discussed in the initial consult. If rare pieces or difficicult materials need to be sourced, a secondary timetable can be generated. All that seriousness aside, the consult is a super fun and creative time to consider aspects of your personality and the vision you wish to manifest in your desired space.

''An interior should never look as if it is all bought in one afternoon shopping, but rather as a collection of goods which are thought of with great attention.''

''The wide choice in interior solutions can be very overwhelming for many. Not to  mention the range of interior styles available. And that is exactly what makes just more fun for me. I feel like a kid in a candy store with all those flavors.''

- Kimberley Gerôt

S T U D I O | G E R Ô T

P.O. Box 7818

1008 AA  Amsterdam

The Netherlands


+31 (0)6 83 84 88 88

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Services provided on-site outside a radius of 10 km from the city centre of Amstelveen, are charged €0,35 per km travel expenses.
Appointments on-site, taking place on working days in the evenings (after 06:00 PM) and on the weekend, are surcharged €37,50 each time.


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