The Studio Gerôt Approach

Style & Artistic Approach


The stylistic forte of Studio Gerôt is “Eclectic Minimalism.”  This is both an Artistic Aesthetic and a Design Approach that harnesses elements of Contemporary Design, Eastern Philosophy, and the American Craftsman movement that values handwork over mass-production and the use of natural materials. Eclectic Minimalism highlights the elements of your life that bring true personal delight, while minimizing clutter and “over-decorated” noise that disrupt both one’s peace of mind and one’s walkways.


 At Studio Gerôt, your unique personal touch and our Timeless Interior Finds are layered artfully into spaces organized according to ancient principles of Harmony and Balance.  For businesses, these may include signature Brand Iconography or more subtle pieces that reflect a company’s vision or Business Spirit.


The results are inspiring interiors that enrich the fluidity of space and reflect every client’s unique character and vision.

''An interior should never look as if it is all bought in one afternoon shopping, but rather as a collection of goods which are thought of with great attention.''

''The wide choice in interior solutions can be very overwhelming for many. Not to  mention the range of interior styles available. And that is exactly what makes just more fun for me. I feel like a kid in a candy store with all those flavors.''

- Kimberley Gerôt